Thursday, October 27, 2011

4 Months

Sorry for the influx of pictures this month! The girls are just getting more and more fun every day, and I can't help myself from taking HUNDREDS of pictures of them!

Tomorrow marks their 4 month birthday! They are such joys. They are sleeping in their cribs right now and I find myself wanting to go and get them to cuddle with because I just CANNOT get enough of them! But I won't, they are sleeping peacefully! :)

They LOVE to laugh, smile and ham it up for their mom and dad! They like when we do peek-a-boo, and Emily especially loves her jumparoo, even though she's still a little small for it! Catherine loves the song "I'm a little tea cup" and laughs every time I sing it to her on my lap, and Emily likes "The itsy bitsy spider". They also both like to sit in their Bumbo seats! They LOVE their daddy so much. As soon as he gets home from work they start to smile and cannot wait to cuddle with him. They all have so much fun together and watching Brian with his daughters just melts my heart! He is such a wonderful dad and husband!

One thing that is new this month is that they are really starting to notice each other. I often find them locking eyes with each other and smiling. When I walk in their nursery in the morning and they are awake, I catch them staring at each other through their cribs, which are side by side. They are also starting to hold hands which is just the cutest thing ever. However, now when one cries the other does also! I think they can tell if their sister is sad, and that makes them sad too. I am positive these little girls will be the best of friends!

They love to roll from their belly to their back lately! They still haven't rolled from Back to Belly, but I think Emily is close! Catherine would prefer to be on her back I think, so she's in no hurry to roll to her belly!

They still sleep through the night (knock on wood!)! We are still swaddling...heck, I'd swaddle them until they are 10 if I could! They are most comfortable this way and it makes me comfortable because they are nice and secure in their blankets and I don't have to worry about them suffocating.

They are also still on 100% Breastmilk that I pump. I breastfeed every so often, but now they are happy going 3 hours between eating during the day so I don't have to breastfeed quite as much. I'm not sure how much longer they will be on 100% breastmilk though, I am *just* keeping up with their needs so when they start eating more, I might have to give them a bottle of formula every now and then....I'm thinking every few days. But I don't think we'll have to do it for very long because we'll be introducing purees' at 6 months, so that's only 2 months away. I will, of course, be making all their food myself.

It's getting cold here in Northern NY! They are even calling for snow today! I cannot wait for them to see their 1st snow. I am one of the weirdos who loves snow and winter. It's so cozy!

It's so hard to believe that this time last year, I was pregnant but didn't even know it yet! I got pregnant on October 22nd and found out about it on November 5th. It's so hard to believe it's been a year and now I have the two most precious gifts that God has ever given me. We are so blessed!