Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Shower!!!

Last weekend my amazing mother in law threw me a beautiful baby shower for all of her friends and family! It was hosted at her lovely house and the food, drinks and games were all wonderful! I was totally overwhelmed with the kindness her friends and family showed me and our sweet little babies! It was a wonderful day and we are so thankful!

And now for some pictures!

I *loved* this game - it was squished up candy in a diaper and you had to guess what candy it was by smelling, etc.! I got 5/6 correct! :)
For the next game, everyone had to take some toilet paper and cut it to their desired length. Whoever got the closest to my belly circumference won! Me and my very best friend Marisa who, by the way, took all of these great pictures and helped me out SO much! She's the best! Me and my mom and my mother in law (to the left) who didn't pose with us for this one!The AMAZING quilts my mother in law hand stitched for us! Aren't they beautiful?!A picture of the lovely hostess - my mother in law (see how tanned she is?! She just got back from spending the winter down south! I'm jealous!)!

Some presents! The beautiful cake and cupcakes my mother in law made!

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