Friday, June 3, 2011

34 Weeks!

Well I am very excited to announce that I am officially 34 weeks pregnant! When I went into Pre-Term labor 3 weeks ago, I said my goal was to make it to June and to 34 weeks. I have now accomplished both of those things and I couldn't be happier! I'd love to make it another couple of weeks, but I'm just really glad that I'm at this point.

Nothing much new to report. I'm still on strict bed rest, so I literally do nothing all day. The hi lights of my day are going to the bathroom for a change of scenery....sad, isn't it?! I'm also crocheting baby hats. I've made a lot for Cate and Emily, so now I'm working on a bunch to donate to the NICU for the preemies! I also started reading a new book called Camilla by Frances Burney. Mrs. Burney was apparently a great influence to Jane Austen (my favorite author) and I can see why! Their styles are so similar, I love it!

And finally, I went to the Dr. earlier this past week and got another ultrasound. No pictures though, the babies are officially too squished for any more cute profile pictures. Their estimated weights are 4lbs 8 oz for Baby A and 4lbs 3oz for Baby B. They are pretty much measuring right on track, so my Dr. is very happy with their weights! I personally can't wait until they hit 5 lbs though! Hopefully that'll be next week or the week after. So after my Dr. Appointment, Brian took a picture of me because I wasn't in sweat pants, haha! So here is my latest belly picture!

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