Friday, July 29, 2011

1 month old!

It's hard to believe it's been a month already! The girls are doing GREAT. They are gaining weight wonderfully and are generally pretty easy babies! Don't get me wrong, they have their moments, but over all they are pretty easy little girls - they keep to their schedule fantastically!

Figuring out how to feed these girls was a challenge to start, but is going better now. I REALLY wanted to exclusively breast feed, but it was very hard and we had a lot going against us. Mainly that the girls were very small when they were born and they came 3 weeks early. So they had a hard time latching in the hospital and we had to give them formula. I started pumping right away and eventually my milk came in. So although they were given breast milk, I felt like a failure that I couldn't actually breast feed. But eventually I got over it and we definitely have not given up on breast feeding! They are pretty good at it now - we have even tandem fed! However, we only actually breast feed 1-2 times per day. FYI It's really challenging breast feeding twins! Mainly because it takes way longer than just giving a bottle and you don't know how much they're actually getting, and when you're trying to beef up low birthweight babies, it's important to know how much they get. So right now we're on a pretty good routine. They get breastmilk in the bottle for all but one feeding every day (basically because my supply just cannot keep up with their needs), if they get hungry between bottles I breastfeed, and we give formula once a day, at night. It works for us right now!

In terms of sleeping, well, I wish they would sleep longer of course! They stick to their every 3 hour schedule at night and it takes me an hour to feed, burp and change them both. Then I have to pump. So I get about 2 hour stretches of sleep at night. However, I get this 4 times so I DO get around 6-8 hours a night, it's just in 2 hour stretches. I can't wait for them to sleep a little longer! And I should also note that after they are fed and changed, they pass right back out. So they are great about going to sleep and staying asleep for everything BUT eating. My girls get hungry, what can I say?!

Brian is being the best daddy EVER! We all miss him when he goes to work, but it makes seeing him at night that much better! He loves his girls so much and I know he'd love to spend all day with us, but someone needs to pay the bills! I didn't think it would be possibly for me to love him any more than I did, but watching him with his daughters makes my heart SO full!

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  1. This whole post made me so happy. :) I cannot wait to see Charlie with our baby!

    Love the pic of the girls with their arms interlocked too!