Sunday, November 27, 2011

5 Months

The girls showing off their Thanksgiving dresses!
Our family - 1st Thanksgiving!

Me and my favorite girls!
Playing with Christmas lights!

Our 1st snow!!!!
Our 1st time meeting Santa!

Catherine's first time in the high chair
We love to roll into each other!
Emily's first time in the high chair

Another month has passed! The girls will be 5 months old tomorrow, so hard to believe! So many exciting things have happened this month! They got to witness their FIRST snow! I was so excited about this because I love snow so much, it makes the house feel so cozy! They also got to meet Santa Claus! They were very good and liked Santa very much! They didn't ask for anything this year, but I know next year they will! :) We also played with Christmas lights for some photos to include in our Christmas cards this year! We had our first thanksgiving, too! The girls were very good and watched us eat our big meal. We spent Thanksgiving day with my parents, then the next day we celebrated with Brian's parents. This was our first "long" car trip with the girls - about an hour to and from. They did GREAT! They were alert but didn't make a peep the whole time there and back, and they did wonderful at their grandparent's house! We also sat in high chairs for the first time. We didn't eat anything, ha, but we thought we'd start practicing sitting in our big girl chairs!

Let's see what else, I'm still pumping around the clock and making as much milk as I can for them! We have to give them 2 oz of formula per day (they are SO hungry at their 6pm bottle!) right now, but I just started a new herb to help increase milk production and I feel it's already working, so hopefully we won't need to supplement much longer.

They still sleep amazingly well, straight through the night! We are SO lucky and blessed.

They both have such different personalities, it's so funny. Catherine is a chatter bug, she loves to babble and talk and make funny little noises, it cracks us up. She is OBSESSED with her jumparoo. She could literally spend all day in it, we have to limit her time spent in it! She laughs and smiles and bounces. She loves it so much! Emily is ACTIVE. She doesn't "talk" quite as much as her sister but she loves to "stand up", play the airplane game with daddy, and roll around. This little girl is going to be walking before we know it, I can tell! They both gnaw on their hands all the time, and have just recently discovered that chewing on toys is fun too! I bought them a 'Sophie the Giraffe' for Christmas, I hope they like it!

Well, we have lots to look forward to this month! Christmas is by far my most favorite time of year, and I am so blessed to be able to share it with my little girls! I hope someday they love it just as much as I do!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Kristen, your daughters are SO beautiful. I just called my husband over and made him look through all of your pictures with me. :) SUCH a fun series of "firsts" shots!

    Don't know if this helps, but my friend Kelly just posted about her BFing supply (she started having issues with producing enough at 5mo as well).

    Happy Holidays!