Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby Shower # 2!

Last weekend we had our 2nd baby shower - what a wonderful day! We had it at my all time favorite restaurant and so many of my friends and family members were able to attend. I am just overwhelmed with the generosity shown to us. We literally got everything we needed - there were THREE things left on my 60+ item registry after the shower!!! Plus, I got tons of Babies R Us gift cards so we are truly all set with everything and can now save some money for all the other things these babies are going to need after they're here! I am feeling really prepared, which is good just in case the twins decide to come early! The nursery looks like a bomb went off in it, but it'll get cleaned at some point!

And of course, some pictures for your enjoyment!

At our house before the shower - 29 weeks exactly!

The amazing cake my cousin's wife made! Not only was it adorable, it tasted out of this world!
My mom and I!
My cousin and I!Our very large twin stroller!!!

My very best friend (and the one who took all of these awesome pictures) and I!

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