Monday, May 23, 2011


This morning I felt a few more contractions (nothing bad, but now I'm paranoid) so I went to the dr. and got some VERY reassuring news!

The contractions are segmented (meaning my whole belly does not get tight, just certain areas) which she said is far less concerning then if I was having full belly contractions. Also they are still pain free which is good.

She decided to check my cervix again and she said that not only has there really been no change, she feels it's tighter and longer then it was when i was in the hospital. She said I still have a very decent amount of cervix left (so I'm not too effaced) and she said that I'm absolutely no more than 3cms (which is what I was in the hospital) and if anything I'm closer to 2cms! eek!

So I told her my goal was to get into June, and did she think I could make it that far? and she said absolutely I could! She thinks I can very easily make it to MID June! eek!

So I am just going to keep doing what I'm doing....and that's absolutely nothing! But it's working and I feel so reassured by that! So it was good news today! :)

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