Monday, February 27, 2012

Emily's Big Week

Well THIS time Emily has some really big news! Over the course of this past week she cut her bottom two teeth AND learned how to crawl! Talk about a big week!

Her teeth are just barely starting to come through. I can feel one, but I can only see where the other will be coming in! She is very excited for this as she is way behind sissy in the tooth department! She's doing pretty well with it, so far. She has had some cranky days of course when they were first starting to come through. Now she seems pretty good though. She LOVES sucking on ice pops!

I can't believe she has learned to crawl already. I'm actually surprised she beat Catherine in this area as well, because Catherine was up on her hands and knees rocking back and forth a couple weeks before Emily, so I really thought Catherine would be the first to crawl, but alas, Emily REALLY wants to get moving! It's still very unsteady, but it's definitely a little crawl! My little girls! AND I have some very exciting news! I *finally* figured out how to upload movies off my video camera on to youtube! It was really complicated, lol! BUT now that I know how to do it, get ready for some videos! Here is one of little miss Emily crawling!

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