Saturday, March 10, 2012

2 babies + 1 bath = LOTS of fun!

The other day I decided to give the girls a bath together for the first time! I haven't done this sooner because I've been too neurotic. I'm still too neurotic to put them in the BIG bath together (I can just see one falling over and cracking their head open....) BUT I think we are just fine in the little bath! Plus we may as well use it as long as we can, they'll get too big for it soon enough!

They had SOOO much fun. I really think it was one of the best twin moments we've had so far. They laughed so hard at each other, splashed like crazy, made waves, stole rubber ducky from sister over and over. It was such a riot. You'd think bathing 2 babies at once would be quicker than doing one at a time, but that is SO not the case since I let them play together for so long!

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