Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby Swimming Lessons

In an effort to get the girls out more, I decided to sign them up for baby swim classes! My local YMCA offered them for a great price and I decided it would be a great activity to help socialize them more, since they've been going through some pretty severe stranger anxiety issues. The first class went pretty well, but they cried on and off for about 10 minutes until they decided they "neutral" about it. The second class was this morning and went SO great! They didn't cry ONCE and even people!!!! Catherine seemed to enjoy it more, and splashed and played with pool toys like noodles and balls! Emily liked to kick but was VERY clingy to whoever was holding her. They both made a new friend who is 14 months old! We're all looking forward to next Saturday's class!

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  1. Fun! How cool that you can do activities like that.