Monday, June 11, 2012

Homemade Teething Biscuits

These teething biscuits are wonderful! My girls absolutely love them. They are quick to make and a healthy snack for your little one! I give these to my girls if they are being fussy, and they just carry them around while they play. Every few minutes they stop to take a "bite" then go back to playing! And they are rock hard so they really need to work to get a piece off! I usually make a batch of these then keep them in the fridge, because what could possibly be better for a teething baby then a yummy, hard and COLD biscuit!


-100% whole wheat bread
-unsweetened applesauce (I use homemade)

Cut crusts off your bread.

 Using a rolling pin, roll the bread out to as thin as you can get it!
 Smear 1 side of bread with applesauce. You can add your cinnamon to the applesauce before you spread it, or you can sprinkle it on top of the applesauce.
 Roll the bread up with the applesauce side being the inside, as tight as you can, and put it seam side down on a paper towel lined plate.

You'll want to play around with cook times. I find that for my microwave, it takes 1 minute 30 seconds to reach the desired hardness, but please be careful and do this in increments. I usually do it for 1 minute, then turn it over, then another 30 seconds. But keep an eye out and just do 15-30 second increments until you know how long it will take in your microwave. Just FYI, this thing WILL catch fire if you leave it in the microwave too long. Don't ask how I know this....thankfully no damage was done! :) Also I find that it's best to microwave just one biscuit at a time. I've done 2 at a time before and they just didn't cook as evenly. These will also become very hard as they cool.


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  1. What a great idea! I've been looking for new ideas of what to feed my 10 month old (who has zero teeth). Your girls are adorable by the way!