Monday, June 4, 2012

Receiving Blanket Flats

Yes, Emily can stand up by herself! She can even take 1 step at a time! can Catherine! Yikes!

If you're like me, you got 150 receiving blankets as shower gifts, baby gifts, etc. They were GREAT when your baby (or babies!) were just that...newborn babies. But what the heck do you do with them after your babies are past the newborn stage?! Turn them into DIAPERS! You all know I'm a cloth diaper fanatic, but I recently discovered that you can use receiving blankets as "flats". All you do is fold them up a few times and you have an awesome, lightweight, breathable diaper! I put these on the girls in the mornings after they have been sleeping all night, to sort of let their bums breathe a little! I also like putting them in these on hot days and just let them run around in this diaper and nothing else. Keep in mind that there's no waterproof outer layer with these diapers, so if you're going to put these under clothes or if you're going out, you will need to put a cover over it. But if you're just hanging out around the house, skip the cover and just let baby go au naturale! It will let their bums breathe and catch any accidents that might happen!

So do you want to learn how to do this?! It's super easy. Just get a receiving blanket, any kind will do. (I like fun prints myself!) Then watch this video! It's called the "origami fold" and this video is very well done and easy to follow. It takes some practice to get really good at folding the diaper and getting it on baby, but once you get the hang of it, it's SO easy! After mine come out of the laundry, I just fold them all up and put them in a drawer so they are ready to go when I'm ready to use them. Good luck and happy diapering!
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  1. That is a clever idea and is really cute! Thanks for linking to Multiples Monday. I am sure a lot of people will want to try out the blanket diapers.

    : 0 ) Theresa

  2. Oh my gosh - your girls are so adorable. :) Great idea for the receiving blankets!

  3. That's brilliant! I always thought receiving blankets were kind of pointless...not anymore!

    Thanks for sharing! :)