Wednesday, January 19, 2011


After my blood pregnancy test came back positive, I was instantly wondering about the possibility of multiples - I actually could have ended up with triplets because of the fertility drugs that I was on! But before we even began treatments, Brian and I discussed the possibility of multiples in full and decided that we were completely ok with however many babies God decided to bless us with. Granted we were not hoping for high order multiples because of the health risks for me and the babies, but we thought twins would be ideal. Then our family would be complete.

So after the first blood draw, I asked the nurse if she thought the level was indicative of multiples (I thought it was pretty high, but who am I to judge?!) and she said she actually thought it was a very strong singleton. So at that point I sort of forgot about the idea of having twins...I mean, she was the nurse and has been in this business for a while so I trusted her judgment! I was just happy to be pregnant!

So after my 2nd blood draw went up accordingly, I was scheduled for an early ultrasound at 5 weeks pregnant to make sure my lining was adequate, and to see the gestational sac (or two!). At this early in pregnancy, that's pretty much all you can see. So I went in, hoping to see one gestational sac.

Well imagine my surprise when the ultrasound tech said "There's a sac...and oh look! There's another! It's twins!"
After that, I just couldn't wipe the stupid grin off my face, or wipe the happy tears from my eyes...

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